During a root canal, the root and pulp are taken away so the tooth can be cleaned and sealed. The root canal adequately eliminates an infection without weakening the tooth. If left untreated, the infected tooth can result in serious swelling and the infection can sweep all over your mouth, face and neck. We may give you a referral to a specialist to get treatment, depending on the where and how serious the infection is.

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal refers to a treatment that is done when the tooth’s pulp gets infected. Infection can be due to severe decay, sizable cracks or break in the tooth or injury to the face.

Endodontics refers to problems of the tissues, blood vessels and nerves within the tooth. The most typical endodontic treatment is known as a “root canal,” a procedure used to get rid of infected tissue and fill up the nerve canal within the tooth. A root canal lets you preserve your natural tooth while getting rid of the infection.