Family Dentistry

Why go through the hassle of bringing each member of the family to different dentists’ offices when everyone can come to one location? At our dental practice, we proudly offer a full range of dental services and oral hygiene solutions for the whole family. You’ll reduce your transportation stresses by making multiple family appointments with us. Dr. Motaref and staff are empathetic and caring, whether you’ve come in for cosmetic dentistry, dental implants or sealants on a six-year-old’s new molar.

Something to Smile About

You and your family will feel less fearful in our office because we hire caring, qualified staff members to serve your family.

Convenient Dental Care

Conveniently located at 6406 East 87th Suite 101, Kansas City, MO, we’re close to where you live and work. Schedule your family members on the same day, and you’ll make going to the dentist easier than ever before!

Check-Up Visits Are CRITICAL!

At Dental Corner, we feel that it is critical that your family members get pre-scheduled dental care visits. Teeth are constantly assaulted from:

  • bacteria
  • acidy foods like oranges
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • prescription medications
  • sports

Missing your appointment means cavities enlarge, bacterial slime thickens, acid-softened enamel falls away and unhappy gum tissues begin to bleed.

We Make This Promise To You

Because we want to be your complete family dentistry source, our compassionate staff members dedicate themselves to your complete dental care. Not only do we care for your smile, gums and teeth, but we also provide gentle, caring dental work. We want to give you something to smile about, so we provide positive solutions to dental concerns, affordable dentistry and a friendly dental staff.

Why Are We Different?

One aspect that patients mention frequently is that we tend not to wag our finger at them about making flossing their #1 priority in life. Instead of wasting time shaming our patients, we work with them to figure out what will work with their schedule. We then provide learning tools to arm them to make healthy choices regarding their oral health.